2018 HYUNGJUN CALENDER  'peach punch'  미리보기

'peach punch' 달력 프리뷰를 들고왔어요
 해외 그룹오더로 인해 입금기간을 11월 5일까지 연장합니다.
입금하신 분들은 꼭 메일이나 DM보내주세요!
다음엔 홀로그램 스티커 프리뷰로 돌아올게요

'peach punch' カレンダープレビューを持ってきました

This is a sample of 'peach punch' calendar
 We extend the payment period until Nov,5th because of group purchasing by overseas fans.
Please make sure to send me an E-mail or DM(instagram) when the payment is done:)
Next time,we'll be back with a sample of Name sticker(made of hologram!
Thank you.

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